Research on Embodiment through Art and Language
by Tatjana Macic and Lyndsey Housden

We look to develop experiments, that aim to map and challange the slowly evolving human senses, which are attempting to adapt and evolve in the digital age. r-e-a-l is an action-based research using a conversational practice that references and expands philosophical, artistic and scientific research on embodiment. Also, on accasion we organise performative readings, workshops, performances, communal gatherings and events. Employing these strategies, we search for the essence of our sense of embodiment through being in the 'real' and the virtual world. (How) might we begin to reconnect bodily feelings with cognitive expressions, through digital interfaces and their feedback loops?

contact: info[ at ]r-e-a-l.nl


about us
Tatjana Macic is visual artist, writer and researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is deploying her artistic practice as an agency to blur boundaries between visual art, theory and language. She holds a BFA from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, and a MFA in Theory and History of Contemporary Art from the University of Amsterdam. Her artwork is widely shown for example at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Venice Biennale Collateral Events, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and The Wrong Internet Biennial. Macic teaches Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where she is also Head of Research and Discourse.

Lyndsey Housden (UK/NL 1980) is an artist, researcher and teacher based in Amsterdam (NL). Through interactive and tangible installations, Lyndsey Housden applies layers and interventions between architecture, technology and the human body. Lyndsey Housden seeks out the invisible lines and underlying currents that direct and engage people, with each other, with space, with architecture and technology. Be that the intentionality of urban planning and architecture, or the complex social structures and codes that assume influence on the human body and its energetic system. Lyndsey Housden develops projects through self-commissioned interdisciplinary collaborations, and commission, mainly for art exhibitions, festivals and education settings.

Interdisciplinary background and study: PG Dip, Spatial Design for Performance, Architecture Association School of Architecture London, UK. 2012 Master in ArtScience, from the Interfaculty (Master Music), Royal Conservatoire The Hague, NL, 2009 Bachelor Fine Art Hons, Intermedia, Kingston University, UK, 2002.

Currently engaged in:
- Creative Industries Fund NL, Design commission member (scenography, spatial design)
- Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2018, Commission member
- VUMC science exchange day 2018, programmer, organiser
- Royal College of Art, The Hague, NL, Tutor. Interactive Media Design; IST (Individual Study Trajectory) courses Future Learning, and The Fluid Body.
- Stimuleeringsfonds, Interdisciplinary Learning Environments, project manager & workshop leader

International exhibitions and festivals include:
Ciudad Emergente, Visual Arts Week Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016, Todays Art Tokyo 2015, Dilston Grove London UK 2015, Marres House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht NL 2014, GEMAK The Hague, NL 2013, Architectural Association London UK 2012, International Light Art Museum in Unna, DE 2012, amongst others.

Project weblinks:
http://flatland.org.uk (researcher / scenographer)

Combined together, our research methods lead to a multitude of paths called r-e-a-l.